Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lemonade Stand: Small Business Report

This young fellow was having the time of his life at his parent's garage sale.  He was hanging with his buddies, talking to folks, making money and copping a sugar buzz from the "quality control" checks.

A close-up of our young entrepreneur showing his balance sheet.

After writing about 15,000 words about small businesses I ran across this guy and decided that he has a lesson for me.

Business does not have to be hard.

Here is a seven year old boy running a successful business.   He is running it like a hunter snap-shoots flushed partridges.  He had a short time window...his parents were running a garage sale.

He borrowed his capital equipment.

He had a couple of pals show up.  They did not want to run the business but were more than happy to lend moral support and to help test the product.

He has the support of his family.  Families who have garage sales demonstrate an appreciation for the America's mercantile tradition.  It obviously rubbed off on this young guy.

As an ephemeral business he never put a blip on any regulatory radar screen.

He is an icon of American small business.  Business is  fun. Business is a "natural" activity.  Business is easy when we avoid the complication-trap.

I think the logo on his "T" shirt will prove prophetic.

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  1. Mrs ERJ called my attention to this article that was recently in the news:

    CNN-")Texas sisters Andria, 8, and Zoey Green, 7, wanted to raise about $100 to take their dad to Splash Kingdom as a Father's Day present, so they set up a traditional neighborhood lemonade stand.

    According to ABC affiliate KLTV, about an hour later and after a $25 profit, Overton police showed up and shut the lemonade stand down because the Green sisters did not have a "Peddler's Permit," which comes with a $150 fee."

    "the city agreed to waive the $150 permit fee for the Green sisters, (but) they found out they also need approval from the health department."


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