Sunday, June 28, 2015

"JOOooooOOOOE, the roof still leaks!!!"

Words I did not want to hear.

The next step in the escalation was to reshingle the corner of the roof that is leaking.  Lucky for me, the leak appears to be four feet from the gutter and three feet in from the edge of the roof.

My roof was put on in fall of 2001.  It is plain-Jane, 3-in-1 asphalt shingles.

I figure the greatest risk of leaks is where the 3-in-1 shingles butt together.  The second greatest risk is near the cut lines.  I decided to make sure that my butt joints did not align with the original butt joints, and I decided to make sure the cut lines in the shingles I was laying did not align with the cut lines of the existing shingles.

Most roofers roof from left-to-right and offset the 3-in-1s by a half shingle each course.  The first butt joint was one full shingle from the bottom, right corner of my roof.

Yup, sure enough.  The butt joint on the next course was off-set a half shingle to the left.  I laid the shingles backwards, that is, right-to-left and I cut my first shingle 2 1/2 shakes long with the 1/2 shake on the right side.  That put my butt joints 1.5 3-in-1s away from the original joints.

One, two, skip a few, one hundred.  I got busy and forgot to take pictures.  This is where the first bundle ended.  I got comfortable and started laying left-to-right.  I was using 1 3/4" roofing nails which are much friendlier to thumbs than the shorter ones.

This is what the joint on the left side looks like.  The shingles were hosed down to keep them cool.  This is not a bad job on a 4/12 roof...except that I am getting to be an old man and this is rough on my knees.

The last course I pried the shakes on the original roof up.  I trimmed a 3-in-1, reversed it and slid it up beneath the shakes of the original roof.  I left the trimmed shingle long enough so the exposed asphalt could bond to the pried-up shakes of the old roof.

I slathered roofing compound on everything that looked like it might even THINK about leaking.
The completed patch is 7 feet wide by 8 feet from edge-to-peak.

I figure that I earned an adult beverage.


  1. Nicely done, and 12/1 pitch are pretty easy to work on (thankfully)!

  2. Nicely done, and 12/1 pitch are pretty easy to work on (thankfully)!

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