Thursday, June 11, 2015

Weedy gardens

Call it "vicarious guilt".  Yes, you too can enjoy the exquisite joys of having a weedy garden...if only in your fantasies.

All pictures taken June 11 at about 9:30 AM.

The "Roadside garden". Approximate size of 100' by 25'.  It is in pumpkins, squash, watermelons, cucumbers and other vining vegetables this year.  Reptile conservation area on the left.  Shogoin turnips going to seed on the right.  Misty green lines are mostly Giant Foxtail seedlings (weeds).  I cannot till too close to the plants until they come up.

Cucumber seedling.

Northern Georgia Candy Roaster (C. maxima)

Dickinson (C. moschata),  This is the squash/pumpkin used in Libby's pumpkin pie filling.
The "House Garden". Approximate size is 100' by 40',  This year it is in "Nightshades" rotation.
In addition to nightshades, the corner nearest the house gets planted with "salad" makings.  This is Romaine lettuce.
While snapping a picture of the lettuce I noticed that we had a goodly supply of asparagus seedlings volunteering.  Those are the two fern-looking plants in the picture shown above.  They remind me of little larch trees.
A couple of shots of the "New" or "Pasture Garden".  It measures about 90' by 70'. This year it is in the grains-beans-greens rotation.  This is where Southern Belle and I were planting pole beans, Brussels Sprouts and Savoy Cabbage. 

Panning slightly to the right you can see the corn. 
Gardeners are easily amused.  This is a variety of pole bean named "Garden of Eden".  This variety is notable for having a very long harvest window.  In general, I like pole beans because they are less vulnerable to being wiped out by rabbits and woodchucks than bush beans.  I think these seeds are visually beautiful.  I wonder if they taste like chocolate?

There is still a bunch of area in the Pasture garden that is not planted.  The plan is to have it ready to plant root crops (beets, rutabagas, Korean radishes, turnips and maybe even some carrots)  July 4th weekend.

If I get to feeling peppy I will post pictures about once a week so you can watch the garden grow.


  1. Looks like some good eating to come! One can't beat fresh from the garden!

  2. Looks like some good eating to come! One can't beat fresh from the garden!


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