Friday, June 26, 2015

Gun P*rn: Swedish Mauser

This followed me home today.  The seller was asking $200 less than the bottom end for Swede Mausers on Gun Broker and Auction Arms.  I think I got a deal.

Long barrel, heavy rifle chambered in the low recoiling 6.5X55mm cartridge capable of throwing a 120 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip at 2900 fps.
1919, after the Great War, production was less frantic.  The stock appears to be stained beech wood.
568....remember those last three numbers
The rifle is not perfect.  The top edge of the bolt release is a little bit scuffed up.
The screw at the back of the rear sight shows a little bit of red, flake rust.
Still has cosmoline in the bore.
Bolt face is not pristine but is still pretty sharp.
Looks good here.
I have a favorite cousin who shoots in a Cruffer League.  Cruffer: That is "Curios and Relics".  They have a bone-stock military division and he competes with a Russian Mosin-Nagant.  He is a wee bit disadvantaged.

I may let him buy this rifle.  He is not a felon, druggie, domestic abuser or any of the other deal-breakers.

Family does things like that for each other.

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