Monday, June 22, 2015

Bird vocalizations

Our property is very popular with the birds.

Aptly named "Juneberries" (Amelanchier sp.) are a great favorite with birds.  These are growing on the south side of my yard.
Mulberries (Morus sp.) are proof that quantity has a quality all its own.  A bird can fill up just hopping along a branch.  Mulberries have little substance so they pass through the birds quickly.  Consequently, the birds can eat continuously.  Mulberries line the west end of our north pasture...about 120 yards of fence.  These are the trees I am upgrading to Illinois Everbearing Mulberry.

This video was included as a way of embedding audio.  I think this bird is a Catbird.  It is very mouthy.  It reminds me of Gina from 6th grade, always something to say about everything....and by golly, she was going to make sure you heard it.  This bird vocalizes relentlessly.  It is loud and it produces a wide range of sounds.

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