Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Planting and replanting


Winter squash, and pumpkins, can be any of three species: Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita pepo or Cucurbita moschata.  The canny seed saver can grow all three in close proximity because they will not cross pollinate.

That was my plan except my C. pepo (Winter Luxury) did not germinate.  No sweat.  I still had seed from the C. maxima I am growing this year, North Georgia Candy Roaster.  There appears to be a lot of variation in this cultivar.  The seeds are a bit unusual.  They are almost 4mm thick.


Pole beans (Blauhilde), Brussel Sprouts (Diablo), Savoy Cabbage (Deadon) and Cut-and-come-again Broccoli (Happy Rich) were all planted today.   In all cases we planted 70 feet of row. Southern Belle was a great help.

I also planted a couple of short rows of tobacco.  I went with Perique in honor of my large Louisiana readership.

I also had the last of my nursery plants show up.  I had asked Prof Tom Molnar what he would pick as the "dream date" (pollen parent) for all of the NY 398 hazelnuts I had grafted if I wanted to produce high quality, blight resistant seedlings.  He suggested that I use Jefferson.  I poked around a little bit on the internet and found that Burnt Ridge Nursery in Washington State still had them in stock.  I ordered the smallest size.  They showed up today.  The whips are 4 feet tall.  WOW!  I wonder what the large size looks like.

Into the ground the went.

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