Saturday, November 18, 2023

Treading water...

One marker of maturity is being surprised when things go according to plan.

I was not surprised.

I had planned to be hunting this morning but Southern Belle is feeling under the weather, perhaps she has a case of what afflicted Quicksilver.

SB is snug in bed sleeping off the bug while I watch the (apparently) healthy QS. Perhaps I will get out this afternoon.

And while it might sound like I am virtuous, it is cold outside and I can look out my window. Maybe a thurdy-point buck will want to commit Suicide by ERJ.


  1. Yeah, that Murphy fellow sure is annoying. And usually active when Time is short.

    Hope the Stricken are back on their feet soon. Good rest speeds that up.

  2. Na, dat poika will come look tru da window at ya an run off. Den if ya see him in da woods it will be when yur takkin a dump and your turdy-turdys leanin against a tree 10 feet away. Yoo betcha, dats his way. ---ken

  3. Y'know, it seems to me that you are being used here. Full time care for the little one and then a backup for the rest of the time.

    While helping your daughter out is great, at some point she and her hubby need to take the responsibility.

    1. We do get paid although the rate is significantly less than "market". I am usually on-the-hook from 7:30AM until about 10:00AM when the beautiful Mrs ERJ takes over. The little tyke is picked up at 4:00PM.

      Daughter did arrange coverage while I was hunting on opening day. In Michigan, I can legally hunt with a firearm from November 15 until December 31. I also have the opportunity to hunt small game from December 1 until March 15.

      The pinch came when Mrs ERJ and Handsome Hombre had trips scheduled during the same time-slot.

      I don't feel bruised.

    2. "Grandpa Time' with infants is valuable. They grow so fast. Pictures need to be taken !

      Deer hunts are great, but kids are 'Here and Now'.


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