Monday, November 13, 2023

Do you remember when...

"Cutting" one's self was considered a sign of mental illness and indicated a strong propensity toward self-harm and suicide?

Parents were advised to seek professional medical help when their child started "cutting". Failure to follow this advice could result in a visit by Child Protective Services.

The professions believed that the befuddled teen or pre-teen felt psychic pain but was unable to identify the cause or unable to control the cause. The lack-of-control  bothered the child to such an extent that he/she used "cutting" to re-establish control in some part of their life, no matter how narrow.

Since twice as many girls report cutting themselves as boys (source), it seems reasonable to assume that social issues like (not popular) and inability to attain impossible body-image standards (thanks, social influencers) are major drivers.

Now, teens are given a pre-canned, do-all answer for their unhappiness. "You have gender dysphoria, but we can fix that by cutting you and billing your insurance company."

The professionals cannot see the profound stupidity of their flip-flop. Superficial cutting in areas that were usually not visible was "bad" when it was done by the kid but deep, profound, irreversible cutting is "good" when it is done by a professional and it generates billing events.

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  1. Very entertaining video. More people got that treatment for trying to inflict their vews on others there might be less attempted inflicting.

  2. If I didn't have stuff to do I don't know how long I could watch that and enjoy it deeply Every Single Time it ran,I would find out.
    I'm surprised his knees didn't just go all Building 7 and him just collapse in his own carbon footprint.

  3. Am I bad because I watched that clip for, gosh, 20 minutes, before I realized that is was only a single punch?

  4. Nice to find that I'm not alone in my pure enjoyment of watching that!

  5. Dumbo got off easy - the usual - and very correct - response to try grabbing someone's gun is to immediately be shot with it.

    But this will do for the moment.


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