Sunday, November 5, 2023

Feeling Pithy this afternoon


Let me get this straight: This $am Bankerman-Fraud dude is going to prison for a hundred years and can no longer funnel money from Ukraine to the Democrats and now the Dems are telling Zalensky he needs to kiss and make up with Putin.

Did I leave out anything important?


  1. Well, no, except the fact that 1) Democratic politicians no longer remember the initials SBF; and 2) The crypto industry suddenly no longer remembers SBF either.

  2. At one time it was very in to be Friends with Epstein, now no one remembers him. There was a time being friends with SBF was in, now no one remembers him. Unlike ERJ who remembers his high school friends from easily a hundred years ago! =)

  3. As long as by "kiss and make up" you mean complete and total surrender.

  4. You also forgot that the list of donors of SBF will be buried with the list from Epstein.

  5. I'm betting Biden's last day in office is busy with presidential pardons. I'm betting SBF will be on that list.

    1. It begs the question: Will Biden still be in office after he is an inert vegetable and who will actually be "signing" the pardons?

      President Wilson had a stroke during his last year in office and his wife pretty much ran the show.

  6. I want to be the first to say that he didn't kill himself in prison.

    Phil B

  7. "Singer in LA " know how to play today's game, you would think Zelensky would have known the rules by know.

  8. Kamala Harris will be sworn in long enough to sign all the pardons? Honestly
    if they pardon Trump too I wouldn't complain. The Trump and Biden investigations weaken us as a nation.


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