Monday, November 6, 2023

Is that what they call it now?


"Singer" from LA tells dates that they will not get sex if they do not pay for her half of the tab. She labels this as "feminine energy".

Sex-for-pay (cash or merchandise) quid-pro-quo is call something something other than "feminine energy" in the mid-West.

The proper response to her blackmail is to reply, "No, I don't even want to be friends with you. I already have too many trashy, manipulative people in my life."


  1. In the interest of full-disclosure: I did pay for Mrs ERJ's portion of the tab on our first date. It was $1.47. She ordered a Tostada Conqueste and an ice-water.

    I told her that I could afford to buy her more food but she responded "This is how I eat. I just don't feel good when I over-eat."

    She was there for our conversation and not to get a full doggie-bag to take home.

  2. If the guy doesn't pay the whole tab, is it really a date?

    1. +1 I would have paid, claimed I had an early flight and just wrote the whole thing off as experience.

  3. I will say, one of the tell-tale signs of the current thing, is the invention, inversion, and mis-application of language. Its very deliberate, to erase old definitions and replace them with new ones. Birthing person, vaccine, mostly peaceful, these aren't accidents of language in a society.

  4. Once again, grateful that I do not have to navigate the treacherous shoals of what has become modern dating. Talk about the opportunity for a million things to go wrong...

  5. My first social activity with my wife was as a group of college friends going to a movie. The theater only took cash, and all she had was her checkbook. I covered her ticket. She insisted on paying me back, and had to ask my name to fill out the check. I got her home address and phone number from the check. When we went on our first 'real' date (dinner, movie, and a cruise past the Ice Palace), I paid for everything.

  6. Snort... yeah, right... hooker, one each.

  7. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I thought you would wanted to be treated equally."
    "I didn't realize you were a whore. How much for the whole night?"

  8. Give her go for the price of half a dinner and a few drinks? Sure, I’m game.

  9. Glad I'm not a young guy. I'd probably end up being a monk. --ken

  10. When I was in KIev in the early 2000's my work buds and I would see older men with much younger women. A local told us the women were hookers who would accept gifts of high value from the men. Prostitution was illegal but gift acceptance was not.


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