Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Onya Marx....

Life continues to be "bouncy".

I drew the short-straw and got to drive to Detroit Metro Airport AGAIN. That is three times in four days.

Skipping the gory details, long pickup trucks and tight turns in parking ramps are not a happy combination. 

My passenger had cargo in a vehicle parked in 3D. She had a picture she had taken of the bay-post. My mission was to collect the passenger and then transport her to the vehicle to collect cargo and then transport both to a destination.

My mission coughed up a hairball because there are TWO separate parking structures at the airport. One is in the The Big Blue Deck on the north end and the other is McNamara on the south end and the stencils on the columns do NOT specify which structure the picture was snapped in.

There are bay-posts labeled "3D" in both structures. A misunderstanding regarding the airlines involved resulted in my being in the wrong parking structure. No shade on my passenger. She had multiple transfers and there were four separate airlines involved in her travels. Moving from one parking structure to the other on the busiest day for air-travel of the year pegged my ability to tolerate stress. It was not my finest hour.

A tip of the hat to Ted and Onya for helping us get our chaos straightened out. I checked, Onya's last name is not Marx.

The good news...

I got back to Eaton Rapids early enough to donate blood. I started donating again after Southern Belle gave birth to Quicksilver because she needed some transfusions during the event. I felt an obligation to pay it back. Counting this last donation, I have now paid back the number of units SB needed.

A big shout-out to Paris, Texas. One of the Plebby-techs at the blood drive was originally from there.


  1. Sounds stressful, ERJ. Fortunately the two airports I go to just involve pick up and drop offs at the terminals, which is not terrible.

    Small piece of trivia: One of my great-grandmothers was born in Paris, TX.

  2. You need to cut out this metro crap and go HUNTING Joe!

  3. How long does the process of giving blood take these days?

    I gave a little over 8 gallons, but then their process became stupid long (and just plain stupid) so I quit. I mean, it went from a half hour/45 minutes to over an hour and half...

    Have they fixed it yet?

    1. I clocked in at 3:01 and was out the door at 4:00.

      Very few people there and workers were anxious to finish.

      It would have been faster if I had filled out paperwork on-line and scanned the QR code.

  4. Short straw. I don't know about you but life has always issued me short straws by the box full.


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