Friday, November 24, 2023

Isador, Is not a door

I spent Thanksgiving in Isador in Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula.

Isador and Is not a door (aka, Cedar) have a very proud Polish community. Isador is a Spanish saint. Forensic scientists analyzed Isador's bones and determined that his skull suggested that he had a great deal of African ancestry. Isador is the patron saint of farmers.

I sailed through the event by bird-dogging Quicksilver. That freed up Southern Belle to yak-it-up with her cousins and made me look like a saint.

There were three people under the age of 25, QS, an infant of 11 months and a 21 year-old. Then there were about 10 people between the ages of 25 and 40, nobody between 40 and 60 and another ten people over age 60.

The hotel we were staying in (Baymont on M-37 just south of Traverse City) did not have a secure WIFI channel. The "Terms" clearly stated that others could monitor user inputs. I decided to not use their network. That is why today's post is so late.

Deer hunting

Our hunting party was able to get out this afternoon. Report to follow.

Our friends in Jackson County did well. My buddy sent me several pictures. It was the first year that he had three generations of his family hunting on his property. I cannot share the details of their success except to say that my phone was three pounds heavier after I downloaded the JPGs he sent me. BIG deer!!!

Another young man collected his first buck a couple of days ago. He was hunting in a "two-holer" blind with one of his buddies. They are both right-eye dominant and the buddy took the seat on the left. 

After a bit, the buddy said "Hey, look over there!"

Our intrepid hero (not me) said "I can't see anything."

"Stand up" said the buddy.

IH stood up "I still can't see anything!"

"Lean forward" the buddy said.

IH leaned forward and said, "Gee Golly*. That looks like a six point."

Then, leaning forward, shooting off-hand with his left hand on the trigger and using his left eye, he shot the buck in the neck. He paced it off afterward and it was a 60 yard shot. Another good reason to practice shooting with your weak-side.

*He might have said something else, but "Gee Golly" is close enough.


  1. Well pinch my toes and call me a jelly domut!

  2. Joe - get your dupa (Polish for ass) out in your blind and kill a darned deer for cripe’s sake!

    You are running out of deer season and weather and bucks chasing does in what’s left of the rut.

    Jimminy Crisper! You have been taking care of trips to/from airports and sick babies, and holiday get togethers and what not all of November so far.

    Full moon coming Monday, deer are moving all night right now. You have one last chance Sat and Sun as a storm front moves and and snow is looming in these parts of Michigan Sunday afternoon.

    Take leave, seek solitude, let the ladies own the details at home and go HUNT!

    Be a little selfish for once this autumn and go hunting for some darn venison!-)

  3. Somewhere in the bowels of corporate America, the big three auto makers, and “woke” adverts - this one seems to be a Phoenix that is from the ashes:


    1. Yeah, it's a real tear jerker that few really understand until until they walk that road with their partner of fifty plus years.
      Hug the ones you love. Never know how many hugs are left.

  4. Sixty yard neck shot from his offside - damn fine shooting. That or that buck had bad luck, but I'm guessing the 1st explanation. I agree with Anon above, but if its meat for the freezer, a prime doe should also be considered.

    All's meat that comes to a hungry man's pot. - Horace Kephart


  5. Running herd on a youngling is a fine way to be relieved of social responsibility.

    As part of our charcuterie tray this Thanksgiving, we had sausage made from a buck The Fiance took down. I have not had venison sausage in years; it was quite good.


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