Monday, November 6, 2023

Nashville shooter's manifesto

Three handwritten pages of the "manifesto" were leaked. I put "manifesto" in quotes because it seems too grand of a name for the scribblings that were leaked.

Supposedly, the powers-that-be are freaking out.

I am scratching my head wondering why it hasn't been released and more importantly, why the elites are shitting bricks. I didn't see anything that should have caused the elite freak-out.

Let's look critically at a few hypothesis:

The elite are worried that normies will decide that trans-gender people are abnormal and mentally ill

Why would they start worrying about that now? They have been grinding our noses in tranny-weirdness for a decade.

Anybody who shoots up a school is crazier than a shit-house rat. No reader of the manifesto will be surprised by the crazy.

The elite are worried about the appearance of cracks in intersectional solidarity

Too late. Black and Hispanic gangs loath each other with lethal fervor. Blacks and Hispanics detest queers. Most other Hispanics do not like Mexicans or Cubans. The list is endless.

A tranny calling others "faggots" hardly seems like a compelling reason to suppress the "manifesto". A white-chick calling her targets "crackers" would be comical under other circumstances.

The elite are embarrassed that the whack-a-doodle wrote with like a person with a sixth-grade education

Most of what I saw was a nothing-burger. Sixth-grade level critical thinking is...vaporous.

The elite feel threatened because the shooter targeted the school because of the cars in their parking lot

This is the only hypothesis that gets any traction. The shooter targeted the school because the students drove more desirable vehicles than the tranny could afford.

As Marx would say, "This is an internal contradiction". The Marxist leaders in Blue areas have been industriously stoking the envy of the masses to get into power and then skim assets. Then the Marxists use some of those assets to attain all of the conspicuous markers-of-affluence. Those markers of affluence are ways to gain status and to signal their power...which was their end goals from the beginning.

The Blue elites are supercharging ENVY in the masses as a means to divert wealth into their pockets.

Former bartenders who are flaming Marxists somehow accumulate $19 million in a couple of years once they get political power.

Is it possible that the violence the elites fear is not violence that targets children or Christians but violence that will target them, the drivers of Lexus, BMW, Land-Rovers and Teslas? Their hyper-virulent response to the "manifesto" is not driven by virtue but is motivated by the desire to not become targets as a result of their greed and their unquenchable thirst for status.

The interesting thing about the manifesto

The interesting thing about the "manifesto" is not what it tells us about the whack-a-doodle who penned it but what it tells us about the Blue elite.


  1. The parts of the Nashville shooters scribblings that have caused the worst consternation are most likely the names of specific people and organizations that encouraged and even assisted her in planning her murderous rampage.

    They are not able to control the monsters they have created and have a well-founded fear of becoming targets themselves.

  2. I'm more interested to find out the contents of her laptop. Where she went, who she interacted with and, most importantly, who egged her on to do this. What was released is just the babble of a deranged mind. I mean, we already knew she was fucked in the head.

  3. This is the biggest problem with their plans to take and keep control while they transform the country - they can't keep control of their tools, and the way they keep dividing people and throwing their previous favored group under the bus pretty much guarantees they'll end up with former supporters as enemies.

  4. I thought it was quite a let down, frankly.
    More and more I see it as they do not live in the same world as us.
    Literally and figuratively, I'm not making hyperbole.

  5. It hasn't been leaked because it's an embarrassment to the D-E-I and racial arguments that have been invading our culture by force of imposition. Much easier to not have to defend against this actual evidence that it's a mental illness being enabled. The best way to defend against an unwinnable argument is to censor the information that shapes it.

    The progressive media have aligned in staunch support of a conservative church that just wants its quiet privacy to grieve. Funny how important that can become when the objectives align.

  6. "who egged her on to do this."

    I have to laugh. They are so bad at faking it these days. Look at the CCTV pic of the shooter. Red ballcap (MAGA-check), camo pants (survivalist/extremist-check), tactical vest (extremist gun owner-check).
    Even the alphabets can't find competent choreographers now adays!

    1. 🤡
      To even think this tragedy was some .gov brainwashing is the lowest of intelligence.
      Some people are just flat out nutz.


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