Tuesday, November 7, 2023

House-brand products

Meijer house-brand groceries

Back when advertisers had a sense of humor


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  2. Sure, but is your spinach as good as national brands?

  3. Are they any cheaper these days?
    I've been in stores recently where the store brand was MORE than the national brand.

    1. Locally the national brand is more expensive when it is not on sale.

      It should be obvious that Meijers and Krogers and Walmart do not have factories canning spinach and green beans and yogurt. They contract with national brands who put the same (or almost the same) BBQ sauce or spinach or whatever into same bottles and simply slap a "house-brand" sticker on the product than the name-brand.

      One of my work-buddies was earning his MBA and he shared that his Marketing Professor thought STP Oil Treatment was the Pinnacle of Marketing Excellence. The bottle cost more than the contents and the cost of advertising per unit dwarfed the combined cost of the bottle and contents...all that for a product that had been redundant since 1960 as lubrication formulation had advanced.

  4. I wonder if they did enema commercials.? --ken


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