Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Grab bag

I went to the gym today with Mrs ERJ. It looks like 150 pounds will be the magic number for me on dead-lifts. I was able to perform two sets of ten, then a set of nine and then a set of seven when I decided to bag-it. I was light-headed after lifting so I need more time between sets to oxygenate.

I have to admire the gym's marketing. The mirrors are distorted so the bar appears to bend under the lift. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I don't think so but it is sure an ego-boost.

Hey, TB, what body parts will be hurting over the next couple of days?


It has been a good year for persimmons. I am very impressed by the potential of Juhl (also known as "Yates"). Even though it was not used as intensively as several other seed-parents in Claypool's breeding program it is very heavily represented in the number of selections that have been either named or propagated under their experimental number.

Lena persimmons, slightly smashed to reveal pulp

Lena (aka Michellena) doesn't have the track record that Juhl does but several selections with Lena as the seed parent have been spectacular in terms of quality. The pulp of Lena is an intense red-orange. The seeds are also plump and look like they should have good vigor.

One issue with persimmons is the potential for inbreeding depression. I planted some seeds of K-6 pollinated by Szukis and it seemed like many of them were runty. Szukis and K-6's pollen-parent are likely to be closely related.

I am also pulling seeds from Lehman's Delight. I have to pick the fruit or the raccoons destroy the tree climbing out on the limbs to get the fruit. Of course they break the smaller "feather" limbs.

I plan on using women's nylons to hold the seeds and media when they stratify. Pro-tip: first remove the woman.

Transmission fluid cooler line leak

I smelled hot oil when I was driving. I looked in the engine-bay when I stopped. The crossmember that holds the steering rack was wet. I swiped some liquid and it was red.

Transmission fluid!

The lines that run from the transmission to the radiator cross right over the cross-member. There is a pretty good chance that between the rust and the flexing that one of the lines cracked. Not good!

I purchased both feed and return at the local Advance Auto last night. The guy behind the counter said "Oh-oh!" and then he pointed out damage to one end of the parts I had purchased. He ordered the new part and it was here by this morning.

I don't know if every Advance Auto is as good as the branch in Eaton Rapids, but the one we have is top-notch.

It would suck to not have a functioning vehicle during hunting season.


  1. Your lower back and glutes will probably be sore tomorrow.

    1. Hopefully, Belladonna's coaching will help with that. Arch back (concave up), feet close to the bar, pull up slowly and lower slowly.

  2. One thing that's often fun with deadlifts (if sets/reps aren't enough variety) is to deadlift off plates/planks of woods/stuff. Deficit deadlifts really help get that extra oomph out of a limited # of pounds.

  3. The hamstrings will probably feel it as well. You do enough upper body work in your other activities that your upper back probably won't feel it much, although mine does if I'm lifting bigger numbers, due to the tension required to keep the whole spine straight.

  4. Look at where it was rubbing. Possibly insulate with a bit of hose cut lengthwise and wrapped around the area.
    Having said that, that may tap salt and cause additional issues, so there's that. My stuff always rusted where the clamps held the steel line.

    1. This truck spent the first nine years of its life on the south coast of Lake Eire between Toledo and Cleveland. That is one of the few parts of the world that puts more salt on the roads than Michigan.

      Northern Pennsylvania, western NY and the coasts of Florida (salt spray from the oceans) are also worse than Michigan, but just barely....except for Florida

  5. The local rural king wants 40 dollars for a 4 ft tall 'deer candy' variety persimmons tree.
    I started 4 seedlings this spring, the deer loved them! Maybe the roots will come back in the spring?

    1. They will absolutely come back in the spring.

      Persimmon are well adapted to a "fire ecology" and throw suckers in abundance.

      They are a fine example of the Hydra that grows two heads for every one that is cut off. They seem to enjoy it.

  6. Interesting about the persimmons, I wasn't aware of the issues with the crosses.

    1. Some plants are like that. Potatoes, for instance.

      In the wild the pollen is random. Only when man starts selecting in trying to stabilize traits do you see large amounts of inbreeding.

      Once recognized, it can be managed.

  7. I woke up very late yesterday so had heavier than normal traffic coming in to work. Saw a pair of college men carrying a kettle ball in each hand as they walked. Gave me the thought that I have 10 lb dumbbells that are the weight of a scoped rifle - be easy to carry when I do my dog walking which is about a mile and a half.


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