Sunday, November 12, 2023

Get triggered


Democratic Initiative for Change Knowledge and Solidarity



  1. How am I to get the coffee out of my keyboard?

  2. Wow,,I didn't know I was going to be triggered just by watching someone mock the people who live Triggered. They are so disconnected from reality just seeing that behavior so well mocked is unsettling. Knowing that people who live like that vote is disturbing. I think they each are always on the hunt for a New Trigger they can claim, increasing their social score inside the Church of the Unhinged.

    1. It brings another dimension to the phrase "being catty", doesn't it.

  3. All satire if firmly grounded in reality. Of course the left, along with being incapable of using memes, can't grasp ethereal concepts like irony, hypocrisy and satire. Thus they are easily triggered.


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