Monday, November 13, 2023

Odds and ends

Mrs ERJ was driving and I was riding shotgun when I spotted some items beside the road with the word "FREE" next to them.

I asked her to turn around.

What caught my eye was a stack of "weights" that somebody was getting rid of. I assume they were sitting in his basement for the last fifteen years.

By my count, ten weights between 10lbs and 12kg.

It may be different in other places, but in Eaton County it is very rare to find exercise equipment that is "worn out". More likely, it was placed beside the curb because the owner got tired of feeling guilt every time he walked past it in the garage or basement. Rather than start using it, he gave it the old heave-ho.

Their loss. My gain. I have my eyes open for a tread-mill. They have spiffy electric motors, speed controllers and a wide, rubber belt.

Today was a lifting day. I knocked out four sets, 10 repetitions of 150 pounds and one set of 160 pounds. Gains come fast early on.

Mrs ERJ will be off on a mission of mercy

Mrs ERJ's sister lives in a far-away state. She recently moved in with her son and daughter-in-law. She can no longer live alone due to vision issues.

Her son and D-I-L will both be traveling on business so Mrs ERJ is flying unto the breach leaving me to eat pizza, bananas and ham-sandwiches for a week. I will also be watching Quicksilver.

Southern Belle made other arrangements for opening day, so I will get to go hunting on the 15th and on the weekend and after Mrs ERJ comes back.


  1. IDK what your lease rules are, but in previous years you could hunt with a straight walled cartridge (possibly even a slug gun?) during muzzeloader season around here. Not ideal, but you might be able to add another 2 weeks to the season.

  2. Same deal in Eaton County.

    I like muzzleloaders. That is how I started out my kids. They have very little kick and the young hunter learns to make the first-and-only shot count. And in the days before straight-wall cartridges in modern rifles were allowed, even the cheap muzzleloaders had far better triggers and flatter trajectories than Foster slugs out of a shotgun.

  3. Peanut butter, banana and brown sugar sandwiches. Heaven on earth!

    Spread PB thinly on two slices of bread. One tablespoon of brown sugar spread on each and then thinly sliced banana in the middle.

    You will be the greatest granddad ever.

  4. I picture you unsupervised, careening around the living room with pizza and bananas in hand...

    Great find on those weights! I now regret selling the ones I sold some years ago - dumb bells only, but I could use them now.

  5. One wonders just how quiet Quicksilver would be in one of those "Buddha huts" on your lease, while spending quality time with Grandpa?

  6. The rubber belt on a treadmill is a keeper. A manual treadmill was here when we moved in 18 years ago. I still have a couple of square feet of it. The rest went into projects down through the years.

  7. Our town ‘recycling station’ (dump) has provided many good items over the years. We got an elliptical machine once, a weedwhacker, weights, tools, bins, planter pots, steel cabinet, shelves, etc. glad you found the weights to use.
    Southern NH


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