Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Fine Art Tuesday

I have been watching "Kiddie Cartoons" because I am watching Quicksilver.

She is drawn to Shaun the Sheep.

As I watch, I cannot help but admire the dry-stone construction of the barn, the fences and so-on.

It does not fall under the definition of "Fine Art" but not everybody lives in Vienna or Florence or Vienna where there is an art-supply store on every corner.

All of these images were taken in the Cotswolds/Lakes region of England where limestone obligingly breaks into very workable flags. The stone is cream-colored when new but ages to a mottled grey as lichens grow on them.


  1. That's fine art all day long.

  2. A great place to grow asparagus. But not blueberries.--ken

  3. ERJ, I actually quite enjoy Shaun the Sheep - and did so as an adult with my children long out of that stage. I like it deals with farms. I like the relationships that are portrayed between Shaun, his fellow sheep, and the dog. I like the fact that everyone looks out for the farmer, who seems kindhearted (but not terribly successful).

    1. I get a kick out of the attention to detail.

      His family gave him a shovel for Christmas.


  4. I second that. ^^ Don't forget Wallace and Gromit !


  5. I was in Kent, England last week. I really should have taken some photos of the village I was in for you. Not changed much in a long time.

  6. Like ole Remus said, if I can touch it it's art, ifn I caint touch it, well then it ain't art.

  7. Season 2 - Episode 33 of Shaun the Sheep: The dreaded farm inspector from .gov arrives!!!

  8. The episode with the soring sheep keeping every other sheep awake is my favorite./ Hilarious. YMMV

  9. Spent nearly five years in Cumbria and the Lake District. Got to love those stone walls that seem to go for miles. Shaun the Sheep cracks me up! Regards the imposition of Martial Law? Look up The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution brought to us by Fidel and his gang. And there you have it.


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