Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Things are looking up

The S-10 is back on the road for half the cost I budgeted. Pele picked it up after his work shift yesterday.

She sent me a picture of the engine bay.

Belladonna bought a car yesterday. A 2008 Impala with 93k on it. Mrs ERJ got it insured and Bella picks it up today.

No calls from the transmission place where Mrs ERJ's van is being worked on. That means they haven't encountered any show-stoppers or anything that will drive the price above the pre-approved limit. We are still tracking to picking it up on Friday.

Finally, I have a diagnosis on my truck's hot-start issues. The Billy-bob who changed the starter before I got it decided the heat shield was optional. That bears some thinking on.

I found this at an on-line retailer for about eighteen bucks. The keywords to find it are "padded transfer sling patient"
The hardest part of staying overnight to help mom is getting her out of bed. Her shoulders are shot and she needs to be lifted to the sitting position. That aggravates her shoulder pain.

Bella suggested a "gait belt" but those are too low on her body and too narrow to be effective. This item looks promising. I will try it with her arms outside the strap so she can rest them on my forearms for stability.

One nice thing about this model is that it has a couple of handles on each side. I anticipate using the short ones.

The boat that capsized is righting itself more quickly than anticipated.


  1. They cleaned the engine up. I'd put it on the rack in a week and take a HARD look at the bottom of the motor. The idjit left the heat shield off? WTH???

  2. ERJ, when I was young I assisted an elderly neighbor who was movement restricted. A Cadillac engineer, he had mounted tracks for a hoist above his bed and above his recliner chair. We used a sling of sorts with lifting eyes to raise and lower our friend from bed to motorized vehicle, and from motorized vehicle to the recliner. He had to be rolled onto his side to get the sling in and out.

    Maybe there is something in there that will help you.


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