Wednesday, July 3, 2019

I hate the smell of ---- ------- in the morning

Stepping out of my bedroom at 5:20 this morning I smelled that burnt electrical smell that means a wasted day and money.

The hall lights were out. Flipping the switches did not bring them back to life.

I went around and put my hand on the switch covers. No heat. That is a good sign.

I walked around the house looking for flames shooting out of the attic vents. No smoke or flames. That is good news.

I turned off the A/C and put a fan in the window to cycle the stinky air out of the house. That is going to get somebody's attention.

Then I went downstairs and consulted my book of Rednek Erekron Hieroglyphics to attempt to figure out which circuit the hall lights were on. No luck with my reading of hieroglyphics.

I resulted to dropping two breakers at a time, running upstairs and throwing the multimeter on the pole of the switch and the neutral. It was Breaker Number 11. Oddly enough the same circuit serves the entryway 30 feet to the west and the microwave in the kitchen.

We had an electrical storm go through overnight so if I am lucky, really, really lucky then it only fried the LED lightbulbs. I don't expect to get lucky. There was a pronounced difference in the level of stink between the hall and our bedroom. That tells me that it was a recent event as the HVAC had not had enough time to circulate the stink through the house. There was no lightening activity in 4:00 AM -through- 5:20 AM time frame.

This issue will get more attention after I drop Kubota off at school.

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