Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Practice makes the master

Reader "torque" commented on the installment "Mark delays". His comment was in response to the observation that Mark could have saved himself a lot of shoe leather if he had purchased a simple bumper-hitch carrier for the ten gallons of gas.

Torque's observations deserve more visibility than to be buried in a post that is three-months old.

Funny thing that "tunnel vision" and pucker factor when the stress hits. 
I do like a suggestion that was passed around the campfire a while back. 
Quarterly practice runs; using a notepad and a stopwatch. Make a random quarterly family drill and everyone gets out their note pad and goes to their room and writes down what they see/need for a "bug out" or whatever your favorite term for leaving and pack a bag for a weekend trip. (Adds stress to the drill)

At the allotted time (5mins. Or 15 depending on your design), load up in the vehicle with a weekend planned a hotel/resort for the Family (wife bribe) and notice what you may have forgotten to pack for the weekend. Review lessons learned.


Great idea, torque.

I agree 100%

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