Thursday, July 11, 2019

They didn't say anything about the lights

pink locker room

University of Hawaii associate head coach George Lumkin was a member of the 1991 staff that saw visitor locker rooms at Iowa and Colorado State painted pink in the belief that the color made players passive. Now the WAC has a rule that a visiting team's locker room can not be painted a different color than the home team's. In other words, it can be pink, black or any color of the rainbow, as long as both locker rooms are the same color.

One of my sisters works in a psych ward as a nurse.

I wonder if they ever considered installing variable "K" lighting. One of the hot, new trends is to have variable spectra lighting in medical environments. The primary application is in diagnostics. There are some skin conditions that "pop out" at you under certain light conditions.

I think there is huge, potential benefit for mental/emotional health facilities. It could reinforce the natural, circadian rhythms by starting and ending the day with "warm" light similar to the rising and setting sun. They can pump up the blue content through mid-day.

And in the event of violent outbursts, staff can flood the room(s) with "drunk tank pink" while they execute their lock-down procedures.

The controls for the lighting are wireless. Typically there is a twist-knob and each doctor puts little marks on the dial where they like the settings.

There is no reason the pink could not be slaved to the panic-buttons.

I mentioned the idea to my sister and she said that they already have much natural lighting.

A few days later she approached me and mentioned that she took a close look at the windows. They ARE heavily tinted for heat control and probably don't provide circadian-correct light even though it is considered "natural".


  1. I would think that companies would consider the variable color/temp lighting offered by newer LED lights in their decorating. Mental health facilities, retirement facilities, jails, etc. all would be candidates. Not to mention retail stores, schools, churches...

  2. There is also research into the 'best' lighting for sleep. And pink IS a downer... :-)


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