Friday, July 19, 2019

Explaining Deplorables' excitement about Trump

Imagine some poor smuck who had the ill-fortune to be divorced three times and is now on his fourth trip to divorce court.

Imagine the smuck had hired a cordial, genteel, small-town attorney and was economically strip-mined the first three times.

Trump is the junk-yard dog, divorce attorney that the smuck wishes he had retained the first time around. Trump's theatrics and hyperbole are applauded because, dad-gummit, this guy is working for us.


  1. Trump is a Rothschild's lackey. That said, I can go six months without checking the news and not worry he had done some really stupid crap in the meantime. With the White House Negro, King Kenya, I had to stay on my toes. So, it is nice not to worry. I just don't think he is there to help all that much.


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