Monday, July 1, 2019

A few pictures

An elderberry bush, a drunken fence post and a red tub.

Most of the clusters look like this but there are a few that have already dropped their petals and a few that are still tight-bud stage.

The wild, orange daylilies are just starting to bloom.

A Divinity student with a Brooklyn accent was selling Tilapia seed-stock door-to-door. He said all we needed to do was to throw them into flooded fields. He promised ten barrels of prime Tilapia per acre and only wanted $10 a fish. How could I say "No"? I tried to point out that he could carry far more seed-stock if he drove a truck instead of an itty-bitty foreign car called a "Porch" or something like that. He said he would but it was the only thing he had to remember his deceased father by.
Here is a collector's item. The American Lung Association used to hand out cigarette cases.

But not any more.

Herc's favorite toy

Happy dog! He probably fantasizes about protecting us from large serpents.

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