Thursday, July 18, 2019

Credid card fraud

I just got a notice from my bank that General Medical Eq just tried to ding my account.

They asked if the charge was legit.

It was for $1799.37

I said "No, but I had just purchased a piece of medical equipment for $17.99. Maybe they had fat fingured the number.

The bank fraud specialist said "No. Straight up fraud. Who fat fingers '37'?"

Sadly, this scam probably works on the elderly and the visually impaired,


  1. At least they caught it. Sigh...

  2. If you think it was fraud, file a complaint with the BBB, your state DA and the consumer protection agency. Although this was caught before being charged there may be other instances where the company has established a pattern of similar activities. Your input will help identify the pattern.


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