Thursday, July 18, 2019

Fake News Friday: They eat their own

Obsessive-Crazy showing Homan the White Power sign, signaling him that she is on his side.
Representative Omar (Communist, Minnesota) accused Representative Obsessive-Crazy (Communist, New York) of surreptitiously flashing Tom Homan the White Power sign during hearings.

Video clip showing the non-verbal communication at the three second mark.

During those hearings Homan refused to let Obsessive-Crazy define the narrative and redefine simple words like "tolerance", "legal" and "criminal".

Omar is reported to have accused Obsessive-Crazy of accepting 50% off coupons for shoes at Nordstroms in return for "throwing" the hearings.

Obsessive-Crazy is alleged to have responded that she was actually flashing Omar the Hispanic sign for "you are an ass-hole".

Pelosi is reputed to have regained order by banging her handbag on the table and declaring, "You are all ass-holes."

For once, most of America agreed with Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. Amusing - it's like a circus. I wonder if this is how Rome felt before Caesar?


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