Friday, July 19, 2019

Circular logic

Kim Darroch

I had a millennial tell me that Trump was racist.

They pointed to Trump's tweet about obstructionist Representatives "going back home" as proof. The millennial was adamant that the only reason he did that was because "they are women-of-color".

In case the circular nature of the logic eluded you, the young person claimed Trump made the tweet because he is racist and he is racist because he made the tweet. Statements that reverse cause-and-effect without bringing outside evidence are circular since the one 'proves' the other.

I did not ask where the millennial got their mind-reading super-power.

I asked if it would have been racist if he had said that to a Swede or a Canadian.

The millennial crowed "But he never did and never will. That PROVES Trump is a racist!"

Of course it was an hour later when I remembered Sir Nigel Kim Darroch.

He is the British diplomat whose private cables poisoned British/US relations.

Trump said "Can't work with him. Get rid of him." Darroch resigned July 10  2019 and will be going back to his country of origin. Darroch's story is not ancient history.

Things are not as cut-and-dried as when I was a kid, but my best guess is that Darroch does not identify as a woman-of-color.

Trump's tweets were abrasive but they were not racist, at least not for the reasons given.

Circular logic and "the echo chamber" thrive in the 280 character Twitter universe where fast is valued more than researched. Twitter spawns low information voters.


  1. Sigh... They ARE the sound bite/twit generation... God forbid that actually READ anything...

  2. Low information/high outrage.


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