Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Sunday's walk was 13 miles and most of it was in wet shoes.
I went for a walk Sunday and Monday.  It was rainy on Sunday with a high of 74 F.

This is the mid-point where I dropped off my water-jug and later ate my lunch.

Monday was sunny and had a high of about 80.  The temperature was tempered by brisk winds out of the east.

Monday's start point.

Monday's end point.  Notice the shorter shadows.
Monday's walk was 15 miles and was an exceptionally pretty day.

Approximate size of 45' by 60'
The garden is twice as big as shown in the photo.  It extends to the right.  The planted area is approximately 75' by 60'.
Late corn, cabbage and potatoes

Midseason corn and early potatoes plus tomatoes and peppers.

Peas (almost all picked), broccoli, cabbage, green beans, early corn, beets, summer squash and cucumbers
I also saw fields of cabbage

And fields of pumpkins
Will report more later.  I have an early dentist appointment I need to go to, grass to mow and a garden to weed.

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