Monday, June 18, 2018

A Mystery Solved

This photo looks down the inside edge of the insole in the bottom of my right work boot.

That "twig" that I was not able to get out of my boot was the cushioned insole bunching up between my big toe and the ball of my foot.
I went for a mid-distance walk of seven miles today.  I have been wearing work boots on these walks.  My thinking is that I can train with the heavier footwear and then switch to the lighter weight trail-running shoes if it seems wise.

I think I identified what has been irritating the bottom of my feet.  The cushioned insole is not attached to the top of the sole with adhesive and it drifts.  Apparently, I have the habit of pulling with my big toes which causes the insole to bunch up in front of the ball of my foot.

I know that many of my readers spend long hours on their feet.  Any advice will be appreciated.  Can you recommend a product that is stiffer or slicker that will not bunch up?


The heat index was 95 degrees (Fahrenheit) which was tempered by the 17 mile an hour wind.  Obviously, the wind velocity was lower at ground level.

The heat index was also tempered by the high haze that diminished the effects of direct sunlight.

One unexpected advantage of the heat was the lack of chafing.  Cool and dry leaves one's skin smooth and slick.  A heat index of about 80 generates just enough sweat to make the skin "grabby" and hairs tangle up and get yanked.  A heat index over 90 results in copious sweat which makes chafe-prone areas as slick as deer guts on a door knob.
Photo of ERJ from the archives.  Face is obscured to maintain privacy.

Liquid consumption was 50%-to-70% higher than for the 80 degree heat index.  Given that I am out-of-shape and quickly closing in on 60, I will probably NOT take long (+10 mile) walks when the heat index is over 95 and I have a choice.  Just saying, discretion is the better part of valor and there is a time and place for heroics.

Look at the far edge of the pond just to the right of the pole.

Global warming?

This girl was crossing the road.  I suspect she was looking for a place to lay some eggs.  Turtle hatchling's gender is determined by the incubating temperature.  If we are experiencing climate extremes then it is likely that we will see more "girl" turtles.
Pileated Woodpeckers

The original Woody Woodpecker?
His head was a blur and chunks of wood were flying.  Apologies for the poor focus.

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  1. Take a look at Sole brand insoles. They're good. I use them in all of my hiking and work boots.
    There's another brand that's fairly good called Superfeet. The Sole brand is custom moldable to your foot - a few minutes in the oven to heat and soften (just a bit) then slide them into your shoe/boot and then stand and walk in them for a while. Very comfortable and supportive.


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