Saturday, June 30, 2018

Grossman's thoughts on active shooters

Pointing around the room as he spoke, Grossman continued, “But you’ve still got those fire sprinklers, those fire exit signs, fire hydrants outside, and fire trucks nearby! Are these fire guys crazy? Are these fire guys paranoid? No! This fire guy is our A+ student! Because this fire guy has redundant, overlapping layers of protection, not a single kid has been killed by school fire in the last 50 years!
Source...the enemy is denial This article by Grossman is a 'must read' article.

Davis added, “Gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees.

Source...Jarrod Ramos: 5 facts...

If you recently took a Concealed Weapons class you might have received a book published by the NRA.  That book goes to great pains to discuss "hardening" your home against invasions.

The exterior doors in the ERJ mansion are half glass.
Particular attention is paid to points-of-entry.  After taking the class, I modified the windows in our exterior doors.

Security or "hurricane" film comes in different thicknesses and visibility options.  You can buy clear, tinted, mirrored, spangled or frosted security film.  It is made from PET, the same plastic used in pop bottles.
The perp would not have been able to gain easy access to the Capital Gazette newsroom if the business had invested $200 in an appropriate door or $20 in security film.  Very likely he would have been noticed loitering in front of the door waiting to piggy-back his way in and the shooting would not have happened.

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