Thursday, June 14, 2018


"You know," my walking partner told me, "that most of the news articles today are simply variations of 'These people loath and despise Trump.' and they could save a lot of ink if they stopped right there.  The next 400 words don't add anything."

Then she went on to observe, "The people who voted for Trump were getting shafted by a rigged casino.  They voted to level the playing field.  The people who are screaming their disgust for Trump are the ones who are holding five aces in their hand and can't use them any more."

"It is hard to have much empathy for them.  After all, we mostly sucked it up and muttered under our breath when Obama was POTUS." she concluded.


  1. It's very true, but: Yelling and screaming with feigned outrage when one has a poor hand sometimes rewards the tantrum thrower, when the people within earshot decide to fold, and cede ground in exchange for a little peace and quiet. Don't be nice. The ground you cede also has a cliff, and it's behind you.


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