Sunday, June 3, 2018

A day of rest

Very little to report.

We had a line of rain go through our area about eight this morning.  I ran out and threw around some fertilizer in the rain.

We went to church.

I pulled a few weeds, sprayed glyphosate for weeds and stripped buds off Black Walnut and Chinese Chestnut rootstock that I had grafted to assorted varieties.

I planted four zucchini seeds in Mrs ERJ's salad garden.

I lined out the most promising grape cuttings in the orchard.

I cleaned the hazelnut seeds out of cold storage that I had not gotten around to planting.  I "planted" them by dumping them on the ground beneath the grapes and covering them with shredded leaves.

It is near peak Orchard Grass pollen.  Orchard Grass is my kryptonite.  I get skin dermatitis simply by brushing against the pollinating seed-heads. 

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