Thursday, June 14, 2018

A birthday present for Mr Pepper

Mr Pepper has a trailer he built out of scrap iron and a tandem axle.  He considers it a "light duty" trailer because it does not have brakes and because of the limitations of the tires.  He rarely puts more than five thousand pounds on it.

Mr Pepper takes great joy in "wrenching" on old cars and trucks.  He vehemently swears that "That is the last one I am gonna fix.  Damned parts are getting too expensive."

And then he buys another one.

He had been casting covetous glances at one of my lawn ornaments.  He has a birthday (his 84th) coming up.

He made the ramps out of guard rail.

We put a "round" of firewood where the arrow is pointing.  The chain was hanging up on the trailer.

Somehow I had lost the key to the lawn ornament and the front wheels were not pointing straight ahead.  Mr Pepper advised running the strap of the come-along on-the-bias to counter act the wheels turning to the left.

We did not have to worry about the vehicle rolling backwards because I had cunningly arranged for the right, rear wheel to lock up.

Almost done!  The bottle of water was for the strong back, weak mind of the team.
Mr Pepper strapping things down to make sure things don't go flying off.  Things went well, about 40 minutes from start of loading to tie-down.
That bendied-up exhaust pipe might explain some of the crunching noises we heard as I racheted the Cavalier up onto the trailer.  Probably would have gone on more easily if we had done a better job tying it up in place.  Too late now.
Happy Birthday, Mr Pepper.  May you have many more.

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