Saturday, June 2, 2018

Cutting posts for the grape trellis

A couple of Black Locust blew down

Hand in frame to show diameter at the fork.

That dangly vine is poison ivy.  Mrs ERJ insisted that I shower after I got home.

OK, ok...I know I am supposed to cut them exactly 8' long.  I screwed up, but I can cut them shorter.  I cannot cut them longer.

View from the side.  I also cut a few dead ash trees because they were right beside the two-track.

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  1. It's awfully nice when Mother Nature gives you the perfect wood at the right size. Pretty sweet! The cutoffs can go in the wood stove in a year or two. No worries. Summer has finally arrived here in SE Alaska - it was a scorcher today at 68F. We had a cold rainy April and May - still feeding the wood stove. Still enjoying the Cali - SD/LA story.


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