Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Installment 6.10: Willie Marino

Women invariably looked at Willie Marino and thought, “There is a beautiful man!”

Willie’s most distinctive features were his eyes.  Willie’s eyelashes were long and lush and dark.  His eyes were soulful.  His eyes gave you their undivided attention when you spoke.

The rest of his face was classic Mediterranean with full lips, jutting and rounded chin and a generously domed forehead.

He was trim and fit.  He moved with the studied ease of a bullfighter or fencer.

His diction was clear, his language gentle and he never interrupted.

Willie radiated empathy.  He genuinely cared about other people.  He felt their pain.

Men invariably thought he was gay.

Chad Izzo knew that Willie was not.  Willie was married to his wife’s youngest sister.


Willie had a problem.  He was the squad leader in charge of the northern-most of the new prison encampments.  Tent #14 had taken his measure and decided that they would run the camp.

Willie convened a court to address the problem.  Like all things in the prison camps the court session was covered by the reporters who had converged on the camps.  They smelled blood in the water.

Willie directed the six most senior members of Tent #14 to attend the session which was held on the east end of the camp.  Numbers had been pulled out of a hat and the most senior prisoner from each of the “winning” tents were also in attendance.  Neither Izzo nor Lane nor any of the other leaders from the other camps were in attendance.

Willie started the proceedings at 6:00 PM local time.  Willie was flanked by six armed guards, three to his left and three to his right.  The guards held their rifles at low-ready.  He asked the three most senior prisoners from Tent #14 to identify themselves.  He directed them to stand along the edge of a ditch 10 meters to the east of him and the guards.  He directed the reporters and the spectators to stand 10 meters to his south.

When facing the spectators, the senior prisoners were immediately to Willie's, and his guard's, left and the entire camp was to Willie's right.

Willie and the guards stood in the shade of the closest tent while everybody else was standing in the weakening sun of early evening.

His preamble was short and directed to the three senior members of Tent #14..  “You are prisoners-of-war.  You are not subject to the laws of Cali but are answerable to the laws of Sedela.”  This is the first documented instance of anybody referring to the new state anchored by San Diego-Los Angeles as Sedela

“As prisoners-of-war the standards of behavior you are required to follow are simple.  You must behave in a way that promotes the good order and smooth running of this camp.” Willie continued.  “You failed to follow those standards.”

“I reviewed statements made by other POWs.  Members of Tent #14 repeated gang-raped women from other tents last night.  These allegations are supported by video evidence.  Members of Tent #14 assaulted other POWs and stole their belongings last night.  These allegations are also supported by statements and video evidence.”

“I hereby convict you of disturbing the order of this camp.  You are no longer Prisoners-of-War.  You are now Convicts.”

“Based on the grave nature of these crimes, and because of the limited resources we have to deal with anti-social people: I hereby sentence you to death.”

At this, the three senior members from Tent #14 started swearing at Willie.

Willie raised his hands: Caesar commanding silence.

“I ask you once, do you have any evidence you wish to present to appeal this ruling?” Willie asked.

The most senior of the Tent #14 stood with a disrespectful slouch.  He spit at Willie and said, “My lawyer is going to tear you to shreds when I get out of this dump.  I am going to own your ass!”

Willie asked, “I ask you a second time, do you have any evidence that you wish to present to appeal this ruling?”

The senior convict said, “Fuck you, pueta!  I am going to have your ass!”  At this the two other convicts started hooting and mocking Willie.

Willie commanded silence a third time.

Willie stated, “I ask you a third and final time, do you have any evidence that you wish to present to appeal this ruling?”

The prisoners laughed and one of them grabbed his junk.  “Say, pretty boy…do you want some of this?” as he shook his "manhood" in Willie's direction.

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