Sunday, June 24, 2018

Betsy DeVos's America

I went for a walk in Betsy DeVos's America today.  They don't have much use for government.

Not counting vehicles, there was somebody selling something every half mile.
In Betsy DeVos's America, the honor system works because people feel shame when they take something they did not earn.

In Betsy DeVos's America, money comes from getting off your ass and doing for other people.  'Doing for' doesn't necessarily mean 'giving away'.

In Betsy DeVos's America, people don't angle to find positions with a good salary.

They find good fields and plant celery.
I caught one person wetting down the plants he had out for sale.  I commented on the honesty of the people in Betsy DeVos's America.  He said I gave them too much credit.  He said he was selling those plants because the Big-Box store had returned them without paying after did not sell.  He could have put them on the compost pile and written off the loss.  Less pain, less effort, less gain.
I think the man wetting down the plants was embarrassed that I caught him working on Sunday.  Betsy DeVos's America is funny that way.
Betsy DeVos's America is a hot-bed of industry and entrepreneurship.  You don't need to go to Chinatown to find people who want to work.  Betsy DeVos's America is a fine example of the differences between "Work" and "Jobs".
Oh, and they did have vehicles for sale.  Here is a sampling.
I know this is hard to fathom, but there are places that are not like Betsy DeVos's America where you cannot leave vehicles outside, unattended.  They are vandalized.

Not sure if these count as vehicles

And don't let me hear you say that the people in Betsy DeVos's America have hearts of stone.

The Americans in Betsy DeVos's America don't want a government that takes money out of their pocket to fund wastrels and sluggards.  They don't need much government to enforce civil behavior.  The last thing they need are bureaucrats measuring length of cordwood or size of plant pots or the ratio of BBQ sauce-to-meat.

Betsy DeVos's America is a great place if you have hustle and vision.  It is not such a great place if all you have are excuses and are paralyzed by fear.

Maybe you live someplace like Betsy DeVos's America.  The race hustlers and Big-Government folks say places like this are a fantasy.  I disagree.  I walked in Betsy DeVos's America today.

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