Friday, June 1, 2018

Vehicles are expensive

Belladonna called me with the news:  The Malibu's intermittent electrical problem was the ignition module and the key cylinder.

I did not argue.

$600 later and it is on the road.

Mrs ERJ reminds me to "normalize" the repair costs to the cost of car payments.  The last major repair was over a year ago and $50/month is dirt cheap compared to new car payments.

The Silverado's exhaust system disassembled itself in Ann Arbor on the way home last week.  That was $250 to get fixed.

I am clearly strapped for cash over the next few months.


  1. Yep, amortization makes it a 'little' more bearable... Barely...

  2. Heh-found out the hard way this week about timing belt maintenance schedules and interference engines. Turned our car worth 3-4K into a $250 piece of rolling scrap metal. or a $3000 repair bill.

    1. Wilder's Automotive in Eaton Rapids swapped in a used motor for about $1800 when that happened to us. A "new" used motor was the least expensive way to fly for us.


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