Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Next year's NCAA play-off teams

  • Alabama
  • Auburn
  • Georgia
  • LSU


  1. Is that a comment on the bias toward the SEC when ranking teams, or do you think they are just that strong?

    I think Sparty has an outside shot to make that list. They will still be very young, though. Perhaps stronger two years hence.

    1. Auburn beat Georgia when it was ranked #1.
      Auburn beat Alabama when it was ranked #1.

      Georgia will be playing Alabama for the National Championship.

      Ipso facto, Auburn should have been in the field if teams that did not win their conference were allowed.

      And as long as you can have three teams from one conference, why not make it a clean sweep?

  2. I don't think LSU will make it... :-)

  3. Maybe, but I've heard that a number of scholar/athletes on those SEC teams are opting for early graduation so they can get a head start on employment in their STEM related fields.

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