Friday, January 5, 2018

Great Math Teachers

From 24hourcampfire by a contributor named 257 X 50

Had one other great Math teacher. Ma Burton. In the 60's she drove a 912 Porsche.

Senior year and I'm taking 3 periods of math. One was what they called Bonehead math. The class you took if you only took one math class in your entire High School career. Real basic.

She wanted to know what I was doing there. " I need practice in arithmetic. " She understood.

Mainly MotorHeads. So she started with gear ratios.......she had their attention.

Then cubic displacement. And she explained WHY. And they knew they could ask questions and not get put down. She wouldn't repeat it again. She would take a different slant. Till they got it.

Now she had given them confidence and they trusted her. She taught them things they could use.

By the end of the year she got some of them thinking about the odds in different card games.

One kid was rabid about it. Suddenly the advanced math probability course kids were asking him questions.........

Anyway. The 912.......she is leaving school one day in line and behind a bus. She hears brakes squeal behind her and rams the bus in front of her.

Cops ask WTF!!???!!

She points to the scratched hood......."Body Work...."

Points to the undamaged rear...."You know a good Porsche mechanic within 50 miles?"

Enough said. Grand Lady.

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