Sunday, January 14, 2018

It is good weather for soup

Mrs ERJ and I have different "styles" of soup.

Hers tend to be flavorful and are intended to be one part of a multi-part meal. 

Mine tend to be like cowboy coffee; you can stand your spoon in them and are a complete meal when complemented with bread, biscuits, rolls or crackers.


  1. If that ain't a 'before & after' shot, I'll have to say....your's looks a little hard to digest, Joe.

    1. First photo is after the beans were soaked.

      Second photo is after boiling and the rest of the ingredients were added.

      Do you know why the Irish only use 239 beans when making soup?
      Because adding one more bean would make it two-farty.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. I'm with you Joe, a bowl (or 2) should be the complete meal as long as you have crackers or bread to go along with it. Buttered crackers if it is chili and some white milk too!