Friday, January 5, 2018

Little fiddly things

What do I do when I walk in the woods on a cold, cold day?

I do little fiddly things.

This is a grafted walnut.  Many of my trees are "ugly" and this one is no exception.
A close-up detailing what an approach graft looks like in the second year.
The tag identifying the variety needs replacing.  As you can see this is a variety called Davidson.
There were six wing-beats written in the snow.  I was not able to catch all six in one frame.

The bird was turning to the left as it was flying.  I don't know if it was a Northern Goshawk or a Cooper's Hawk.
Accipiters (Goshawks and Cooper Hawks are Accipiters) are the A-10s of the bird world.  Maneuverable, robust, heavily armed and with indestructible landing gear.  This is a BBC video.

The rabbits have been tucking into the branches I have been pruning from the trees.

If you zoom in you can see how they have snipped off the end twigs and peeled the bark.

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