Saturday, April 18, 2020

Who came to dinner?

The remains of a Fox Squirrel, the largest species of tree squirrel in Michigan.
This picture was taken in the backyard of a medium size Mid-Western city.
Slightly different view
My guess is a raccoon. A coyote would have carried it away or eaten the entire beast.

Any other guesses?


  1. Are you assuming that it is a road kill that the coon picked up after dark and carried over to the back yard?--ken

    1. Or picked off while sleeping.

      Coons like to eat the heads.

  2. Could be. It seems unlikely to me that a coon could catch a squirrel even at night, but I'm no coon expert as I never had a lot of problems with them so I didn't have to be. Fox also consider the head a delicacy and will strip away the ribs to eat the innards as was done here.. --ken

  3. Large cat. I've got a cat that thrives on what he catches. I thought his first squirrel was an aberration. It wasn't. He's known for following a squirrel up a tree and bringing it out for dinner. He developed a notorious reputation in the RV park we were living in.

  4. Cat would have taken it away to stash for later, I am thinking. So it's either cat, interrupted, owl if it's under a tree, or 'coon. Also, I'm thinking an owl would have ripped it up a bit more, they're tearers not chompers.


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