Friday, April 24, 2020

Progressive Spin-meister Panic

One can only imagine the Progressive panic with recent announcements that Covid-19 appears to have genetic sequences "lifted" from HIV.

That was not totally unexpected. Covid-19 appears to have HIV's ability to hi-jack lymphocytes and "hide" from our body's immune system.

Now imagine you are the mainstream media and have been captured by Chinese funding and the LGBT lobby. Who takes the fall?

Do you spin the virus as originating in a Communist Chinese weapon lab or inside the body of a gay, Chinese, bat gobbler?

1 comment:

  1. The mainstream media, like the rest of the left, is allied both with the communist manifesto and Lucifer's plan for the destruction of society and family through both homosexuality and the murder of innocent children. They will not choose sides between the two, they will and must blame their enemies- Trump and anyone who dares to support him. Any other outcome is highly unlikely to say the least.


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