Saturday, April 4, 2020


This happened when Belladonna and I were cutting firewood.

Time to buy a new pick handle.


  1. Using a pick ax to cut firewood? Why not an ax? Chain saw? Is there something I am missing?

    1. We were cutting dead ash that had fallen. I was using the mattock to lift the log so we could stuff poles under it and put tension on the side we were cutting. Also to spin log so we could cut down from one side, spin, then finish job.

  2. I found a really nice one on the side of the road in that condition. A new handle and its ready break ground.

  3. Bout time I mentioned... REALLY enjoy your blog posts, facts and fictions!
    Learning from tangents!! HA:)
    (Cant Hook or Peavey - I had to look those up for proper terms.)
    I swear I saw a different style somewhere, with just a barb on end and the shank, (not a full hook).
    Heck- mighta been broke, alteration, or custom antique and I didn't know better then?
    anyhoo- I know you know, the tool at hand is more useful than a wish in a store elsewhere;)-
    I have a number of both (expedient tools//wishes)too, LOL!

    Best Regards!
    ps: I'm a some times digger, @geology job tasks... I AM in LUV with new style composite handles. Lighter = dig longer, but uncertain as to wear on lever utility... Just a mention.

  4. Depending on price and availability, you might be able to buy a fiberglass handle, or buy a fiberglass handle pick and swap heads.
    We haven't broken a glass handle tool yet, and that includes using them for purposes the were never designed for.


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