Sunday, April 5, 2020

Is there budget pressure to pull the plug on Saturdays?

It is an anomaly that Sunday deaths are so low while Saturday deaths are so high.

I could accept that undertakers might report Sunday deaths on Monday if the data showed the numbers ballooned on Mondays. That is not the case.  The deaths that one would expect on Sundays are showing up on Saturday.

Color me cynical, but in the factory we scheduled work on Saturdays instead of Sunday because Saturday was time-and-a-half while Sundays were double-time.

Unfortunately, I can believe that a medical political/industrial complex that is capable of partial-birth abortions is entirely capable of making pull-the-plug decisions based on budget considerations or "taking the hit" on a day when it will get buried by the news cycle.


  1. Have you always been this cynical?
    Can't you just chill and let Big Brother do his job?

    1. If a baby isn't considered alive until it draws its first breath under its own power, then how big of a leap is it to assume that a person on a ventilator is already dead because he/she cannot breath on their own?

  2. Yep, the numbers aren't matching up with 'normalities' one expects if you know anything about statistics...

  3. What a dirty, filthy mind you have there, Joe. Keep up the good work.


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