Saturday, April 11, 2020

Governor Retch outlaws power boats

Effective at midnight Friday, the use of motorized boats in Michigan will be prohibited per an Executive Order (EO) from the governor. This order extends to fishing from a boat with a gas or electric (trolling) motor affixed to it.    Source

Taking a page out of Fidel's book. Would not want any of those tax-paying conservatives to escape to Wisconsin or Ontario.


  1. WTF? How are the people supposed to fish for FOOD???

    1. She does not care.

      In her worlds, fish comes from China, flash-frozen in plastic bags.

  2. How, exactly, does she think this in any effing way affects the spread of Covid19 ? Somebody should ask her this in public and demand an answer.

  3. So is this step two for Holodomor?


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