Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Fast Lane Grocery Delivery

I set up an account with Family Fare, our local grocery store. They will do your shopping and bag the groceries for five bucks a trip.

The process was the usual fire-drill. I filled the virtual cart. Then I tried to register. I lost the contents of the cart. I had to call customer support. Twenty-five minutes later I had a human on the line.

I refilled my cart. It told me to select when I was coming to pick up the groceries. The soonest dates available were April 19-through-April 22. Obviously they are struggling to find workers to keep up with demand.

So much for serving salmon to my mom on Friday.

The good news is that I was able to get out to the lease and cut some more ash. I am getting about 3/4 of a face cord per load and I am not killing myself. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler temperatures. Maybe I can get an entire face-cord into the back of the truck. To provide a sense of equivalency, a face-cord of well dried ash wood has about as many BTUs as fifty gallons of #2 heating oil.


  1. I had no problem 3 Tuesdays in a row at our Neighborhood Walmart's grocery pickup without charge. I live in rural E. TN near Gatlinburg.

  2. Results seem to vary a lot from day to day and store to store here in Houston area. One place quoted a week. Since I had the cart full and it was stuff I always need I placed the order. Next day I found a different store had most stuff and could do it by next day. Took that one too. So yeah, had a bit more than I needed but not anywhere near hoarding levels. Again, stuff I use week after week and not going to waste.

  3. Our small community super market is about 4,400 S.F. They have done an exceptional job of staying open to serve our town. Thursday we had an April snow dump of several inches of wet, heavy snow. It took down power lines, for about 48 hours. Tilton's Market posted on facebook for anyone that could to come and get as much as they needed of their frozen foods before they thawed and spoiled. I'm thankful to have people like this around me. I got home from trucking late last night, was rigging up the generator at noon today, power came on before I finished.

  4. "a face-cord of well dried ash wood has about as many BTUs as fifty gallons of #2 heating oil."

    So with oil trading at negative $40, you're getting paid $45+ for the pleasure of cutting the wood?

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