Thursday, April 9, 2020

Is Cuomo being groomed for Biden's running mate?

All the networks are giving Gov Cuomo gobs of free air-time.

Will Biden walk-back his promise to have a woman running mate? Biden promised to not run for a second term. Many think he will not make it to election day.

Cuomo, even though he is a rat, still comes across as 10 times more competent than Biden.

Is the mainstream media (or the influencers within/behind them) telegraphing who they intend to promote for Biden's running mate?


  1. Either him or they are planning Michelle at the convention!

  2. He is the Democrats' new McDreamy. I half expect them to slide him in as an unvetted white knight during the convention and have Joe bow out.

    1. It will be interesting to see how they do that.
      Because they will do that.

  3. I have two theories regarding the 2020 election and the democrats.

    One, that they will let Joe Biden run and be trounced by Trump so none of their viable candidates is 'stained' by the loss.

    Two, that the democrats actually think they can win and are planning on putting a VP on the ticket who is 'approved' by the Socialist circle of leadership so they can become president shortly after Biden takes the oath.

    If Biden drops out now, the next in line is not his VP choice but Bernie.

    If for the sake of discussion, Biden won but was unable to take office I am not sure who would take the oath for President. That would set the stage for a Constitutional showdown at the Supreme Court.

  4. Replies
    1. ALOT of the Bernie boys have said that they will sit the election out if Bernie isn't the candidate. I suspect Bernie will work with the DNC to try to change that, like he worked with Hillary last time, but I suspect he'll be only partially successful.

  5. I think that there are people who want Cuomo to run and move to higher office, but I'm skeptical whether he will now or not.
    Don't forget that over 90% of the national media is based in either NYC or Los Angeles. I suspect a significant majority is based in NYC and those who are based in NYC think highly of Cuomo, especially now, so the fawning coverage isn't surprising.

  6. I've been saying it for a few weeks now, ever since Cuomo started getting more air time than Trump. Nobody gives a crap about New York except New Yorkers. So why are all of the networks saturating their air waves, nationally? They are crafting a legacy story. I would not be surprised if Cuomo is featured prominently at the convention and Joe bows out. And now, it looks like Bernie has his payoff - he's bowed out inexplicably, when his was the strongest to contest Biden stepping aside.

    Cuomo will choose a recognizable diversity candidate, e.g. Kamala Harris to add gravitas. What they can't capture via news-led brand recognition, they'll try to make up with voter fraud.


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