Monday, April 20, 2020

Things are just ducky down on the farm

Sprite has a duck nesting in her hay feeder. Can you see it? Sprite counted ten eggs.

Can you see her now? Look near the top of the photo. You may have to click to embiggen.

The marsh-marigold are getting bright.

I was planting European Alder in one of the marshes. European Alder fixes nitrogen, grows fast, the stems are as straight as arrows, the wood is rot resistant, the wood makes charcoal useful for blackpowder and the bark is peeled and used as an ingredient in throat lozenges.

Not bad for a tree that thrives in very wet environments.


  1. Replies
    1. Invasiveness is a spectrum.

      My dilemma is that wet areas are turning into monocultures of Silver Maple. Elm and ash are hammered.

      Euro alder cannot out-compete most native trees on dry land. Euro alder is very shade intolerant. Euro alder does not sucker.


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