Sunday, June 2, 2019

What can Mexico do to stop the migrants?

Well, for one thing they could impound the vehicles of the drivers caught transporting the illegal immigrants.

The average driving distance from Guatemala to the US is 2100 miles. The average transit time is 25 days. Gentlefolk, they are not walking here.

Mexico claims that they don't have funds to stop the tide.

Impounding the vehicles and selling them at auction generates revenue. It also sends a very clear message to Jose Average that helping an illegal can be very expensive.

Just doing a little bit of thinking outside the box.


  1. A reasonable idea in a country with the rule of law. In Mexico, it would just be another excuse for local policemen to demand a mordida.

  2. Except, I think that a little research would show that the Mexican government supplied the vehicles in the first place. This will be solved when the US actually fights the "war on drugs". When becoming a "Drug Lord" results in your immediate death the problem will be solved.

  3. The US side could do a lot if they actually enforced and strengthened the laws on the books. NO JOBS EVER for anyone who is not a citizen ( or at least have a green card). Fine and even imprison the bosses who hire illegals. Yeah...that would slow things down a lot.

  4. This would work, as long as there was a political will to enforce it. Keep in mind that the media and others are trying hard to hid the fact that George Soros and others are funding the caravans - and he is dumping tens of millions of dollars in his effort to destroy our border system as part of his effort to destroy the President.

    A contemporary analogy shows that confiscating vehicles can make a difference: Remember the flood of immigrants from Africa to Europe in the news last year? Ever wonder why you don't hear about it anymore? 2 reasons:
    1. The Italian Coast Guard patrolling the North African coast is close and turning back migrant vessels. But they aren't seeing much now because of reason 2:
    2. When trucks and other vehicles transporting central African migrants northward are stopped by police and military, often in Southern Libya and desert points south, instead of a fine they are no confiscating the vehicles. This has turned a previously lucrative job into a big money loser, so few people are willing to take the risk anymore for what the migrants can pay.

    1. It also makes enforcement self-funding.

      Massachusetts did something similar with drunk drivers. They were able to avoid going to court if they signed a quite-claim to the vehicle they were driving. If it was not their vehicle then the owner had to sign the business document. The document stated that if anybody was caught driving that vehicle and had detectable levels of alcohol on their breath, then the owner ceded ownership of the vehicle to the State.

      Taking away somebody's license never stopped a drunk from getting into a car and driving. Pretty tough to drive that vehicle when it is in the auction's impoundment lot.

      Eventually, even the richest drunk runs out of money to buy vehicles.

  5. What about the person supplying the funds for the illegal activity? Is this not a crime as well?

  6. Well Mr Soros being politically connected to the deep swamp as many globalist are. At least they arrested tow of his here in Mexico:
    Pueblos Sin Fronteras: Irineo Mújica Detained for Human Trafficking